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1. Why is the issue of illegal immigration a good example of the intergovernmental relations mess in the US

Answer:  Illegal immigration is a key issue for numerous organizations though out the government.  Billions of dollars each fiscal year are allocated to preventing, processing, and subsidizing these individuals and their families.  These processes take a myriad of different organizations collaborating in an effort to deal with this situation.  Collaboration is quite difficult when dealing with numerous agencies.

2. Explain the politics of administrative reforms

Answer:  Administrative reform can come in happen in many ways.  Usually gradual change is the best approach when dealing with a pre-existing establishment.  The many agencies involved must be flexible
enough to collaborate in a reasonable manner in order to achieve administrative reform.  Administrative reforms focus on finding quality in governance by using structures and processes, doing studies on organizations, and simplification of procedures.

3. How does administrative responsibility contribute to the attainment of public interest

Answer: Public interest refers to the overall well being of the masses.  Administrative responsibility contributes to some degree by providing services, regulations, doctrine that affects the majority in a positive manner.  There is no foolproof plan in public interest, nor can every individual person or group be appeased in this process.

4.  Explain how public budget could be political

Answer:  A public budget can be utilized in a political manner based on how the funds are allocated.  Every sub-organization is dependent on the money allocated to their respective interests.  The organization’s ability to politic for the larger allocations based on their agendas determines their ability to attain the funds.

5.  Explain the pros and cons of the politics- administration dichotomy as espoused by Woodrow Wilson

Answer:  Administration dichotomy is used for marking of boundaries of public administration.  The pro of this is that it allows administrators to implement laws that have been passed.  The con to administration dichotomy is that government can pass laws without voting on it.  For instance, the government cans
bailout large failing corporations without much input from the public.

6. From what you have learnt so far, briefly explain the key responsibilities of public administrators and the best way of meeting the responsibilities:

Answer:  Public administrators implement government policies.  They enforce rules, regulations, and make important organizational budgeting decisions.  The best way for administrators to meet their responsibilities is to keep public interest and ethical decision making a priority. Administrators also need to make an effort to collaborate with other interested parties and organizations.

7. Explain how ethical choices influence the decision making and performance of public administrators in recent times

Answer: Facts and evidence in decision making shouldn’t leave ethics from the equation.  An administrator must consider both facts and ethics in his or her decision making.  Administrator’s are not always neutral, and should be committed to both good management and social values/ethics. In recent
times decision making is influenced by ethics by taking into consideration morals, profits, asset, fairness, and justice.

8.  Discuss the importance of administrative communication to public decision making and performance

Answer:  Administrative communication is important to public decision making because it requires the input from numerous external sources.  Administrators have to deal with a constant flow of information and data form their superiors, subordinates, other agencies, and the public.  All of these factors need to be weighed when making a decision that could affect numerous agencies

9. Discuss the benefits and weakness of bureaucratic discretion to public sector management

Answer:  The benefit of bureaucratic discretion is that you can add an agenda to a law that has been passed.  It allows for the agency to avoid all the “red tape”.  The weakness of this is that not everyone will get a chance to have input on it.

10. Discuss the various uses of public budget

Answer:  A public budget imposes a mutual set of legal obligations between elected officials and appointed officers of various public organizations.  They can be used as planning devices, and are vital instruments for directing tasks governments will perform and how talent in society and public money will be utilized.

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