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Assigment 1 of 3 part SCM Case Analysis: Forecasting and Planning

In Units 3, 4, and 5, you will be developing your course project. First, you will select one company from the list below to focus on during these three units:

    • L. L. Bean.

    • Amazon.com

    • Starbucks.

    • Apple.

    • Walmart.

      For this Unit 3 assignment, you are to research and write about the company that you have selected from the above list and respond to the following questions. Submit your answer in a Microsoft Word document in 800–1000 words. All written assignments should follow APA rules for attributing sources. You can research your responses in your textbook, in the library, and on the Internet:

  1. Describe their business model and explain their supply chain strategy.

  2. Discuss the global challenges that they face in their supply chain.

  3. Discuss the importance of aggregate planning to their supply chain and their partners.

  4. What role does demand forecasting play in their supply chain strategy?

  5. Explain how pricing promotions are used to change demand.

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