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Collaborating within Cultural and Global Contexts, business and finance homework help

Collaborating within Cultural and Global Contexts 

Managing a nonprofit organization in a domestic environment or an NGO in an international environment requires a critical understanding of the best approaches to forming collaborations with other organizations, governments, and businesses. Achieving an organizational mission in complex cultural and global contexts often requires collaborations. 
In a 1,500-word essay, demonstrate your understanding of the key concepts that can lead to effective execution of an organization’s mission in a collaborative arrangement. Consider cultural as well as global contexts. 
In addition to any other analysis you may wish to include, your essay must contain the following: 
1. Description of collaborative techniques and modalities used to fulfill an organizational mission. 
2. Assessment of the cultural competencies and practices needed at essential levels of an organization. 
3. Discussion of the historical and current theoretical economic constructs that effect local and global economic environments. 
4. Discussion of the communication techniques an organization should use in multicultural contexts with diverse audiences. 
Draw on your texts, outside references, and the supplemental materials provided during the course to complete your essay. Use APA citation and reference guidelines, organize your essay with major headings and no more than one subheading for sections. 
Be sure to provide the following elements: 
1. Cover page with your essay title, the course number, date, your name, your instructor’s name.
2. Abstract of no more than 150 words. 
3. Body of the essay. 
4. Bibliography.

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