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How do I use this formula to complete this assignment. Totally confused!

QNT Wk 2 Individual Assignment.

Search the Internet for U.S. climate data.

Choose the city in which you live.

Click on the tab that reads “Daily.”

  1. Prepare a spreadsheet with three columns: Date, High Temperature, and Low Temperature. List the past 60 days for which data is available.
  1. Prepare a histogram for the data on high temperatures and comment on the shape of the distribution as observed from these graphs.
  1. Calculate  and S.
  1. What percentage of the high temperatures are within the interval  – S to  + S?
  1. What percentage of the high temperatures are within the interval  – 2S to  + 2S?
  1. How do these percentages compare to the corresponding percentages for a normal distribution (68.26% and 95.44%, respectively)?
  1. Repeat Parts 2 to 6 for the minimum temperatures on your spreadsheet.
  1. Would you conclude that the two distributions are normally distributed? Why or why not?
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