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Impact of Internet Addiction on social interaction

For this assignment I have to prepare a document that includes a research question(s), including how your research will add to the current research in your chosen field. Your document will include seven scholarly, peer reviewed, empirical studies from the past 5 to 7 years. This section should include APA formatted citations for each article, including permalink; additionally a short annotation for each article stating how the literature shows your research is needed. However, I have done this! THE TITLE AND REFERENCES ARE ALREADY FOUND, all you need to do is include how the current title will add to field of social psychology AND write SHORT annotations about the article stating how the literature shows research is needed under each reference. THIS must be done for each reference given.

OPEN UPLOADED FILE, you will notice all references I provided are from the school library. However, to assist you on information about these journals you can look them up and they will appear online with abstracts or you can use whatever databases you have access to gain information on them. Do not copy the abstract, please use your own words and follow complete directions. THANKS!

No plagiarism allowed, it will be checked!!

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