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The Career Planning Program, management homework help

Read the case then answer the questions.

The Career Planning Program

Career planning has always been a pretty low-priority item for Carter Cleaning, since “just getting workers to come to work and then keeping them honest is enough of a problem,” as Jack likes to say. Yet Jennifer thought it might not be a bad idea to give some thought to what a career planning program might involve for Carter. Many of their employees had been with them for years in dead-end jobs, and she frankly felt a little bad for them: “Perhaps we could help them gain a better perspective on what they want to do,” she thought. And she definitely believed that career support would have an effect on improving Carter’s employee retention

10-20. Who should participate in the program? All employees? Selected employees?

10-21. Outline and describe the career development program you would propose for the cleaners, pressers, counter people, and managers at the Carter Cleaning Centers.

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