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GRAD695 ?Harrisburg Anonymizing Voice Input in Mobile Devices

A research topic must be SMART, related to the major you are pursuing in the university, and a topic that you must be passionate about. In this assignment, submit a double-spaced paper written in APA style and backed by pieces of scholarly evidence, stating your topic and proving that the topic is SMART, related to your major, and a topic you are passionate about. Remember that this paper is a research paper and must include a title page, an abstract, and table of contents before the body of the paper. Your submission must be an MS-Word document. Do not zip file ending with .RAR or any other type of files that is not compatible with the windows environment. Your submission must not be in PDF format. You must also submit a power-point presentation of the paper submitted. The PPT will have only 5 slides.

Before starting please contact me as need to finalize the topic on which in future research paper will be written in continuity to this topic.

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