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BUS309: Business Ethics need to reply these, business and finance homework help

One Nation under Walmart”

I do shop at Walmart only because the prices are cheaper than other stores. I also like to shop there because Walmart carries groceries, clothes, household supplies, pet’s supplies and gas. I like it because I could get all my shopping done in one shot from one place. I hate to run around to different stores and wait in lines. I usually go shopping late at night or early in the morning so not too many people are there and I could be in and out. I do not go to Walmart on the weekend because it will be too many people shopping and the lines would be long at the register.

In your opinion, what are the consequences if Walmart closes it doors and goes out of business?

I feel that if Walmart closes its door, lots of employees will be out of a job. Even though Walmart has a bad reputation for treating the employees wrong due to pay, health insurance and the treatment they get but put it this way we all need to work to support our families. I think a job is a job it is better to have a low-income job than begging people for money or stealing. Also If Walmart closes down people will be disappointed only because they would have to go to multiple stores to finish the shopping that they can get it done in one store.

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