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ENG101 Rasmussen Mandatory versus Voluntary Vaccines Discussion Paper

It’s time to submit the revision of your persuasive essay. At this point, you should have received feedback from at least two sources, so for this assignment, consider all the feedback you’ve received on your draft, including feedback from the Online Writing Lab, and submit your revision statement along with your 3-4 page fully revised persuasive essay.

Your revision statement should summarize the feedback you received and indicate the changes made in response to that feedback. Your revised draft should highlight the changes made, keeping in mind the following criteria:

  • An introduction paragraph with a thesis statement.
  • Three body paragraphs that each focus on a separate supporting idea.
  • A concluding paragraph that summarizes your main idea and provides a call to action.
  • A properly formatted reference page in APA style that lists all sources used in the paper.
  • Careful proofreading for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.
  • Applied revision and editing strategies to strengthen the essay.
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