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these are the instructions from my professor

This test will consist of you going to rent SERPICO OR SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION movie and tell me in a page and a half (2.5 pages) what you thought of the movie and what you would have done if you were in that situation and what you would have done different? Would you have sacrificed your whole career on something that your know is ethically wrong, this is reference to the other officers? Tell me if you would have taken the same path as the main “SERPICO” OR “ANDY”character in the movie and what about going to internal affair’s OR if you would have done what Andy did, would you have chosen the same outcome. Explain what are some measures you think in today’s society an Officer should do if he knows that is going on at his precinct. Would the court system be more lenient now as compared to then or are we more stringent now then back then? What are some things that your would have done or would not have done if that was you in that situation?

I will be checking for grammatical errors and punctuation errors as well. Please write in complete sentences. No profanity when writing this test assignment. I would like for you to be honest about your opinions and responses. There is no wrong or right answer. you can either find it on youtube or netflix.

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