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Analyis Discussion

Topic – On-Demand Economy – Focus on HealthCare Jobs


  1. Research critical thinking methods for managers.
  2. Research Healthcare service jobs – salary, demand.
  3. View Videos:
    1. On-Demand Economy
    2. Set E: Two videos on Critical Thinking


Healthcare jobs are growing in the U.S., especially in Maryland. However, many service level jobs in the healthcare industry do not provide full employee benefits such as paid sick leave, paid healthcare, and retirement benefits.

Using steps to improve critical thinking, discuss the pros and cons of federal and state mandates to provide employer paid benefits such as sick leave, health care, dental care, and retirement for employees such as:

  • Nurse assistants
  • Lab technicians
  • Hospital food service personnel
  • Hospital housekeeping
  • Orderly
  • Phlebotomist
  • Orderly

NOTE: consider the salary, typical work hours, hiring needs, and availability of personnel

The title & Link of Videos is

The on-demand economy is booming, but what are the risks?

5 tips to improve your critical thinking Samantha Agoos

What is Critical Thinking?


You must Attach the Reference for the 2 Research

You must see the 3 Videos

Make best Discussion with analysis an with 750 words

Do 3 questions with answer for the discussion in the end of page

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