Capella University Modeling the Way Keys to Effective Leadership


In your readings for this unit from The Leadership Challenge, you are introduced to the first of the five practices of effective leadership: model the way. According to Kouzes and Posner (2017), leaders must clarify their values and set a good example to model the way for their followers.

The essentials of clarifying valuesinclude:

  • Find your voice.
  • Affirm shared values.

The essentials of setting the example include:

  • Personify the shared values.
  • Teach others to model the way.

For this discussion, complete the following:

  • Select one essential of clarifying values and one of setting the example, and explain what each means to you.
  • If you are in (or have been in) a leadership role, describe how your leadership behavior exemplified the practice of modeling the way. Note: Your leadership experience may have been outside the workplace.
  • If you have not been in any type of leadership role, describe how you witnessed a leader of yours exemplifying the practice of modeling the way.

Kouzes, J. M., & Posner, B. Z. (2017). The leadership challenge: How to make extraordinary things happen in organizations (6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.



In the introduction of Strengths Based Leadership, Rath and Conchie ask, “What are the keys to being a more effective leader” (Rath & Conchie, p.2)? According to the text, a team of experts was assembled to address this question and they produced three key findings:

  1. The most effective leaders are always investing in strengths.
  2. The most effective leaders surround themselves with the right people and then maximize their team.
  3. The most effective leaders understand their followers’ needs (Rath & Conchie, pp. 2–3).

What do you think of these findings? Do you agree or disagree with these conclusions? Why? Describe how you have seen each of these keys used by a leader. Could that leader be you? If so, describe how you used these keys.


Rath, T., & Conchie, B. (2008). Strengths based leadership.New York, NY: Gallup Press.

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