Criticism and Self-Efficacy

There comes a time as an instructor when you must face criticism from a frustrated student. Rather than responding defensively, it is often more helpful to try understanding the student’s underlying issues. How might self-efficacy influence the student’s issues? How might your response affect the student’s level of self-efficacy?

For this Assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources. Then read the message posted by Jamie, a “student” in your online introductory psychology class (you have not heard from her previously on this issue). Consider how you might respond to Jamie in order to improve her level of self-efficacy. Finally, think about how theories of self-efficacy might support your approach.

Jamie: I am so confused by this class. I read and reread the assignments, but I just don’t get it. I really don’t think the instructor likes me, (he or she) just isn’t giving clear instructions, and the book is so hard. Does anyone else feel this way?

3 pages, APA format where appropriate)

Submit your response to Jamie’s post. Your document should include the following parts:

  • Jamie’s original post
  • A response to Jamie’s post that may positively impact Jamie’s self-efficacy
  • An explanation of how you think your response might increase Jamie’s self-efficacy; apply self-efficacy theory to support your explanation
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