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Microbiology Unknown Bacterium Paper

Please see the upload file: Paper requirement detail.docx, and then step by step work on it, must be follow the Guidelines and requirement to write the paper, thanks! please be professional.

  1. The paper must be follow the Guidelines and requirement for report.pdf to write paper, please follow step by step. For example don’t using I we us.
  2. I will upload the Laboratory Unknown Bacterium Journal.docx whole lab process and also the page bottom has the daily schedule, the daily schedule you will find the page and chapter from the: lab manual works cited 2.pdf. Ex. 19-22: The identification of your unknown bacterium is a 3-week project in which a living unknown bacterium will be issued and Exercises 19-22 will direct you in performing various differential and biochemical tests in order to identify the bacterium.
  3. From the Descriptive chart.docx you will see the unknown’s genus and species’ morphological, cultural, physiological, and hydrolytic and degradative tests.
  4. The paper need total 5 pages, 4 pages for unknown’s genus and species’ talk, and 1 page for dichotomous key, I will upload the name is Example dichotomous key.docx, you can use this key, but you need change to my result.
  5. Work cited must be 3, I already have two work cited, name is called: works cited 1.pdf, and another work cited is my lab manual, name is called: lab manual works cited 2.pdf. you need find another one.
  6. Do the Unknown bacterial written report rubric, I will upload the name called: Unknown bacterial written report rubric.pdf, you only do the part on the picture, double check you are doing correct with whole paper.
  7. Interpreting Physiological test.pdf is also belong to lab manual works cited 2.pdf. you might be will use it.
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