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Homework on IT

Two pages only

Readings from Incident Response & Disaster Recovery “Chapter 9”

1.  Discuss the importance of the after-action review and “lessons learned” documents.  How will these help to improve the BC (Business Continuity) plan?

2.  Develop a list of vulnerabilities that a small business may have in the event of a major hurricane. What strategies and recommendations for business continuity will be appropriate for them?

3.  The use of after-action reviews has been covered in every aspect of incident response and disaster recovery. How will the BC (Business Continuity) after-action review differ from the DR (Disaster Recovery) after-action review? 

4.  There are a number of in-house processes that may need to be handled by outside vendors during BC (Business Continuity) operations, what are they and how do you identify those vendors? Provide examples.

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