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Finance Questions

Question 1) I recieve annuity of 500 dollars once every 3 years. Annuity stretches over 30 years. First payment occurs 3 years from now. Annual interest rate is 6%. What is PV of annuity? Question 2) Find the present value from the two sources in this pension plan. First source of income gives direct sum of 200,000 when I retire later, compounded anually at interest rate of 10% per year. The second source, an (ordianry annuity) with annual income of 10,000 dollars per year at interest rate of 5%, compounded semi-annualy starting from the end of year 21 for 20 years. What is total PV of the pension incomes from two sources. THe two sources must be compounded. i) 75,896.84 ii) 110,283.1 iii) 128,994.8 iv) 280,991.80

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