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GBA500 Centenary Morality Issues and Leadership Discussion Question

answer the following discussion question in at least 250 words and also respon to 2 other students post using one refrence from coiurse work and one peer reviewd article.

Discussion Initial Post:

Discuss 1 to 3 morality issues often faced by businesses seeking a competitive advantage.

Are all laws ethical? What are some examples of ethical and unethical laws?

Finally, assume you are on a search committee to replace the project manager for the failing complex project we have been discussing. One of the problems with the project manager was a lack of leadership. Recommend a leadership style (charismatic, transformational, coalitional, or Machiavellian) you would recommend and why.

I will send other students post, once they post

Course Resourses:

  1. Kouzes & Posner, Chapters 3 & 4
  2. Snowden, D., & Boone, M. (2007). A leader’s framework for decision making. Harvard Business Review, 85(11), 68-77.
  3. Smith, W. K. (2014). Dynamic decision making: A model of senior leaders managing strategic paradoxes. Academy of Management Journal, 57(5), 1592-1623.
  4. Posner, B. (2015, February 5). Why credibility is the foundation of leadership.
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