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Struggles as Flawed Human Beings Living in Societal Institutions Research

Two-paragraph essay – please do the following:

First paragraph, state how “The Lottery,” “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas,” “Sonny Blues,” “Strange Fruit,” and “Weary Blues” are thematically connected. That is, how are all of these texts thematically related? This is a difficult question. To help you think about this, think of what they say about human beings: our frailty, ego, fear, desire, selfishness, and need for connection. What I am asking you to do is a SYNTHESIS, one of the highest level of thinking on Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Second paragraph, for a potential research proposal that you are going to spend the remaining six weeks of the semester on, please choose a social issue that speaks about our struggles as flawed human beings living in societal institutions that may create harm. For example, you can choose to focus on immigration rights, transgender rights, poor Appalachian whites, sex slaves, sexual assault, fake news, the burgeoning of dating sites the promote cheating, or . . . the choice is endless, but please choose an issue you are committed to because this will be your central focus for seven weeks). Also, please keep in mind that effective, powerful writing is when the writer anticipates and engages the skeptical reader; therefore, for your research project you CANNOT LECTURE your audience. So if you choose a polarizing issue like abortion where both sides end up lecturing and shouting at each other and you believe you cannot write without falling into this trap, then please choose another topic. If you are struggling to find a topic, my recommendation is to go to the school’s database Opposing Viewpoints to see the potential topics you might be interested in exploring: Opposing Viewpoints (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Once you have a topic issue, I would like you to think of a question or inquiry about it and write a research topic proposal question. That is, what is one controversial or conflicting issue concerning your topic? For example, let’s say you want to focus on child abuse. Well, no one will disagree that child abuse is problematic and a painful reality. So where is there a conflict or controversy surrounding this issue? Is hitting a child as a form of discipline abuse? Is emotional abuse just as debilitating as physical abuse? These two questions capture the controversy or conflict on this issue. You could then use any of these two questions as your research topic proposal question.

**I want to stress here that although you may feel strongly on a particular social issue, a good researcher never begins with a definitive statement but with a question. For example, a researcher would begin not with “Fake news is a threat to democracy” but rather “Is fake news a threat to democracy?” We will explore this over the next coming weeks, but the overall reason is that a strategic researcher is not collecting and gathering data that agrees with her topic but finding, reviewing, and analyzing what others are saying about her research topic so she knows how to effectively position her argument.

**Here is a two-minute YouTube clip that might inspire you to tap into something that means a lot to you: Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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