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Review Essay HR

1. Capitalizing on Capabilities

 Dave Ulrich & Norm Smallwood, HBR June 2004.

2. Training and Development Function in Omani Public Sector Organizations: A Critical Evaluation

 James Rajasekar & Sami A. Khan, Journal of Applied Business & Economics, 2013 Vol 14(2)

Read both the paper critically and do a review essay after carefully evaluating the issues raised in both paper. The first paper talks about the global perspective and how to leverage people competency, whereas second paper is a real case study of 11 government companies undertaken in Oman.

Try to figure out the linkages, and the issued raised in developing people in both articles. How these issues are relevant for other GCC companies and for Saudi companies as well.

(800-900 Words)JABE_14_2_Master copy-Training & Dev in Oman paper (1).pdf HBR2.pdf  

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