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HCS455 Emerging Issues and Trends Surrounding on HIPPA Presentation

For your final presentation, you will be using the topic you selected in week 2 of class. – HIPPA

Make sure that you include notes in your Powerpoint presentation. Slides should only include a few major points, and the notes section should contain the majority of your content. Make sure to run your notes content through the plagiarism checker. Use APA-formatted citations in your notes (and slides if needed) and list your references on a separate slide. Your reference slide does not count toward your slide count total.

Here is what your presentation must cover:

  • Identify and describe the topic of consideration (I recommend one slide for this topic–you only need to provide a quick overview of the topic–two or three sentences in your notes section is probably plenty here).
  • Identify and discuss the emerging issues and trends surrounding the policy. (Two slides: what are current issues related to this policy? How are changes in our healthcare system impacting the policy? How are changes in our society–economy, demographics, perspectives, etc.–impacting this policy?)
  • Describe areas of opportunity involved with this policy. (Two slides: Areas of opportunity are opportunities for improvement. What are some opportunities for this policy to be improved? How can this policy be made better? How can this policy better meet the needs of our current healthcare system and its issues? The content in this section will probably tie closely to the content in the previous bullet point?)
  • Describe challenges that were faced while implementing the policy. (Two slides: Explain some of the challenges faced at the time this policy was implemented and now. What are the difficulties for the healthcare system in implementing this policy? What challenges might impact patients, providers, and other stakeholders?)
  • Describe issues that may arise as health care reform continues to evolve. (One or two slides: as healthcare changes, what issues might occur in the future related to this policy? Where do you see the policy in the next 10 years?)

These are just a few tips on what you may want to discuss for this presentation.

NB : As seen above, The topic is HIPPA

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