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Leadership quality, writing homework help

Now that you have analyzed both the organization and strategy of the organization, it is time to analyze your leadership qualities. In part three of the course project, you will self-evaluate your leadership style and characteristics for quality. Read and take the following leadership style self-assessment before proceeding to the questions.

What’s your leadership style?

completed the self-assessment for your leadership style, answer the following questions in a 2-3-page report:

  1. How do you feel your leadership style fits into a TQM organization and why?
  2. are the characteristics you feel that will help you implement and maintain TQM in your organization?
  3. How will you lead change in your organization for Quality?
Use the Change Facilitation Model to help answer this section.

  1. the change picture
  2. Communicate tHe change picture
  3. Conduct roadblock analysis
  4. Conduct roadblock analysis
  5. Remove or mitigate roadblocks.
  6. Why are diversity and diverse perspectives important for quality and effectiveness?
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