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MGMT 516 Narrative Speech assignment

To complete this assignment, you must first read the chapters listed on My Courses with the Narrative Speech assignment. Then write and send me an e-mail, doing the following, using terms from the text book.

  1. Identify and briefly define two components of each of the three main parts of a speech:
    1. Introduction
    2. Main Body
    3. Conclusion
  2. Define the term “transition”.
  • Send this as an original e-mail; do not reply to one I have previously sent.
  • Include the course number and section in the subject line (i.e. MGMT 516-12 e-Mail Assignment).
  • Be sure to include an appropriate greeting, an introductory statement announcing the content of the e-mail, and a signature line with two means of contacting you.
  • Follow the guidelines previously outlined(see attachment).

I will post requirement for E-mail and material you need to read(You dont have to write about assignment 1)

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