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Rhino Foods Teaching Plan And Target Audience Case Analysis

Please read carefully.

I attached the instruction how write the teaching note write-up, and I attached example from the Prof with their example case to make clear . I want to write the teaching note write-up for the file that name’s ( My teaching case ).

Teaching Note Write-up:

Each student will be required to write up a teaching note which accompanies their teaching case worth 20% of their final grade or 80 points. An example of a teaching note will be provided for reference. The note has no length requirement, but must be written as a single-spaced Word document with 12-point Times New Roman font. The names/labels assigned in the note must match those assigned in the teaching case for consistency.

The point of this note is to provide the rationale for how to best analyze the case. It is a “cheat sheet” for the instructor, not the reader. It should provide the author’s analyses as well as possible rationale for all strategic options offered in the case. It should also explain in detail what actually happened in the case and what were the consequences (good and bad) of the decision that was made. The author’s recommended strategic decision does not need to be what actually occurred. In fact, the author should use the benefit of hindsight to determine if the actual decision was a failure, and if so, what would have been better.

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