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SPANISH: Adjective Agreement and Present Progressive

Hola, clase. For this Forum you will create sentences to demonstrate proficiency with the progressive tense as well as an awareness of adjective agreement in Spanish.

The progressive tense is formed by using the verb ESTAR and then the -iendo or -ando ending of a following verb. AR verbs take the ANDO ending (hablar, drop -ar, add -ando) and ER/IR verbs take the IENDO ending (comer, drop -er, add -iendo; vivir, drop the -ir, add the IENDO ending). The forms of ESTAR are:

él, ella, usted ESTÁ
nosotros ESTAMOS
ellos, ellas, ustedes ESTÁN

SO, this tense, the progressive tense, is the equivalent of what we do in English to describe an action that is going on right now, in the present, in progress…(present progressive)…we use the verb TO BE (estar) and the ING ending of a second verb (the IENDO-ANDO ending in Spanish). In English I would say I AM STUDYING. In Spanish I would say (YO) ESTOY ESTUDIANDO.
They are writing. (ELLAS)  ESTÁN ESCRIBIENDO.

For this week´s forum, please write three sentences using this verb tense, the present progressive, to describe what you and two other people are doing at the moment. Try to use three different forms of ESTAR, so three different personal pronouns (yo, tú, él, ella, usted, nosotros, etc.) as I did above…and please do not use my same sentences!! Be as descriptive as you like and can with the content we have so far covered.

For the second part of this forum assignment, you will demonstrate awareness of adjective agreement in Spanish. Typically adjectives follow nouns in Spanish, where in English they preceed them. We say WHITE HOUSE, where Spanish speakers say HOUSE WHITE (casa blanca)…please post two sentences in Spanish demonstrating proficiency with Adjective Agreement, this time in describing people or things around you. Use colors or other adjectives you have learned from the RS site.

Your initial post should, then, consist of five sentences in Spanish…three using present progressive, and two showing adjective agreement. 
You then need to read and reply to two other posts and comment on their work, making suggestions or corrections along the way. Constructive criticism can be in English, but if you wish to continue a dialog and ask further question, please use any Spanish you can to do so.


Estoy esperando sus comentarios.

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