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business Website

research about the Website user interface.

Now let’s consider a scenario.

A sales company wants you to computerize the ordering process that is used when orders are placed over the phone. You are hired to work with a team of developers to create this application, and you will serve as the interface designer. You must come up with a project plan that will outline the necessary steps you will take to gather user requirements and then ultimately present the final prototype to management. Make sure each step of your plan includes a timeline (how much time you will need for each step) and who will be involved in each step.

here are the steps i have so far: 1) We (development team) consider the requirements required for the sales company, should use all the requirements also make note of it.

2)We analyze all the requirements and see the specifications and constraints.

3) After analyzing all the requirements, we should design according to the company’s requirement and make it possible to all the specifications.

4)We develop the code for the above design and make it attractive to the customers and include all the attractive offers and all should be included.

5) Now we make a software and we should test before we submit to the company with different test cases.

6) Lastly, we submit it to the sales company.

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