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Impacts Of Motorcycle To Society & Social Implications

For this assignment each of you will be assigned an object to research.(MOTORCYCLE IS THE TOPIC)
Some of the questions you should be asking yourself while investigating
the object are:
1. What is it’s function?
2. When was it created?
3. Were there earlier versions of this object? If so, what were they
and when did they come into being?
4. What has been the physical and social history of the object?
5. Who was the intended user of the object? (Male, female, adult,
teenager, child, animal, etc.)
6. Why was it developed?
7. What is its significance?
8. What are the social implications of the object?
9. Is there continued development of the object and if so, what
direction is it heading?

I am asking you to do a thorough exploration of the object’s history, form,
function and social implications. The more successful projects will be very indepth
studies of the concepts listed above.
You are to create an information graphic/map that addresses all concepts
in a logical fashion.

Initial research will be responsible for turning in a paper summarizing your research. Your paper
should be 2 pages, double spaced, 11 pt type, with 1 inch margins.

Please don’t copy directly from other websites or use the source which is not yours, just write with your own words.

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