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what is freedom

 Analytical Paper 1

Write a 750 to 1000-word paper discussing the changing meaning of freedom. In your essay, you should reference at least 3 primary source documents that you have been assigned to read thus far in the semester. Do not reference more than 5 documents.

Your essay should contain five paragraphs.

The first paragraph should be an introduction that presents your personal definition of freedom. What does freedom mean to you? If you had to choose one quality that represents freedom, what would it be? Explain how you define freedom.

The next three paragraphs should discuss definitions of freedom presented by the documents you read for class. Choose three documents that present a particular definition of freedom. They can each present a different definition or they can all present a similar definition of freedom. You choose the documents that make the most sense to you.

Discuss one document in each paragraph. Choose a quote from the document that is no more than 4 lines long and explain how that quote defines freedom according to its author.

You MUST quote the documents properly. Explain which document you are quoting by referencing the author and the title of the document before the quotation. Here is an example of a good and a bad quotation style:

  • GOOD:  In Progress and Poverty, Henry George states, “Equality of political rights will not compensate for the denial of the equal right to the bounty of nature. Political liberty, when the equal right to land is denied, becomes…merely the liberty to compete for employment at starvation wages.” Henry George defines freedom as the right to own land. He argues that only land ownership will fix the problem of “the unjust and unequal distribution of wealth.”[1]
  • BAD:  Freedom is also about land. “Equality of political rights will not compensate for the denial of the equal right to the bounty of nature.” Land is very important.

The BAD example is very confusing. Who are you quoting? Are these your words or do they come from a primary document? What does this quote mean? Quotation marks are not enough. Introduce where the quote came from, who wrote or said it (if you know), and try to explain what it means in your own words. If you use any phrase from the book that is more than 3 words long, you must put it in quotation marks and cite it properly.

Your last paragraph should be a conclusion that explains how your personal definition of freedom is similar or different to those in the documents that you chose to discuss. Do you agree or disagree with these three authors?

Your essay should be based on material covered in class and on the documents you were assigned. I do not want to know what Google says about freedom. I do not want to know what Wikipedia says about any of these documents. I want to know what you think. And I want to know what you have learned from our discussion of the documents in class. All the information you need to write this essay can be found in the primary source documents and in your class notes. (You do not need to cite my classroom lectures. Consider these to be common knowledge shared by the class.)

I also want your essays to be unique. If you choose to talk to your fellow students about what you want to write, that is fine. But if two students turn in a paper that reads the same (outside of direct quotations), you will fail. Write your own paper. there are 3 attachment files, each file has few documents. please choose no less than 3 and no more than 5 documents. .

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