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Value Based Healthcare Hot Topic PPACA and ACOs Assignment

The value in healthcare and how difficult it is to measure. One mega-trend that is in front of us is a push to value-based care – a delivery model designed to incent providers on quality/outcomes versus volume.

Most experts agree that this method will ultimately transform how providers deliver care and how we as patients interact with the healthcare system.

This is an important trend for you to be familiar with, so your assignment is to:

Define very clearly what Value-based care is (please don’t confuse it with value-based purchasing)

Describe why it has become such a hot topic (hint: it is the opposite of fee-for-service)

Tell me if it will ultimately answer our questions concerning ‘value’ as

1- What are we doing to lower cost



-Bending the curve via ACOs?

2- What are we doing to create value?

– Quality?

– Patient experience?


– …what is a value chain?

APA style

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