Autocratic Leader Leadership Style YouTube Video By Alex Lyon Review

Briefly describe your leadership style. Share with the class your YouTube video by posting it into your discussion post reply.

Based on the Youtube video by Alex Lyon, I believe I am an autocratic leader. Autocratic leaders or authoritarian leaders is a leadership style that is based on control (Lyon, 2017). Autocratic leaders love to be in control and makes all the decisions in a group or team (Lyon, 2017). Autocratic leaders make their decisions based on past experiences, their ideas, and judgements (Lyon, 2017). This type of leader rarely asks others for their opinions or advice. Autocratic leaders often dictate every tasks, work method, and processes the team should use to complete the project (Lyon, 2017). This leaders does not trust other members to make decisions on their own and do not allow members to complete tasks on their own (Lyon, 2017). Autocratic leaders believes in implementing rules and believe in enforcing the rules. This leader clearly outlines and communicates the rules so everyone will adhere to the rules. This leader is able to make decisions quickly and believes in adhering to a clear chain of command.

I sure this leadership sound very negative however, an autocratic leadership can be valuable in some cases. For an example, when decisions need to be made quickly without consulting with a large group of people, the autocratic leadership is ideal. Autocratic leadership is also helpful in groups that lack effective leadership because an autocratic leader who uses their leadership style to take control of the group, give responsibilities to different members, and create hard goals for tasks to be completed (Lyon, 2017).


Lyon, A. (2017, September 18). Leadership styles autocratic democratic laissez-faire [Video file]. Retrieved from

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