Small Essay type questions and answers.

Question #1: One of your readings this week addresses the “Triple Aim” in health care. The article notes five strategies that are necessary to achieve this goal in health care organizations: Focus on individuals and families, Redesign of primary care services and structures, Population health management, Cost control platforms, and System integration and execution. Which strategy do you feel is most important for health organizations to focus on to achieve the “Triple Aim”; which goal do you feel is most challenging?

Question #2: This week focuses on stakeholders in health care. What do you see as the main conflicts between patients and families and payers (insurance companies, government payers (Medicare, Medicaid) in defining a high-quality, high performing healthcare organizations? Can you think of one approach to resolve one of the conflicts?

Question #3: One of your readings this week addresses practical considerations in measuring outcomes in assessing the performance of health care organization. What issues do you feel are most challenging in measuring patient reported outcomes (e.g., physical/emotional functioning, care experiences and symptoms of disease)? Drawing from the article or your own experience, can you give an example of how a health organization has done it well for one of these categories of outcomes?

APA reference, 150 words-answer for each question

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