Select a topic based on your academic major or your interest.

This Research paper provides you with an opportunity to write professionally about a topic of your interest.

Select a topic based on your academic major or your interest.

This research paper should be written in a format of an informative essay. Your purpose is to educate your readers about a certain topic; it is not to argue for or against something. Therefore, you are not allowed to use the first person (“I”) or the second person (“you”). Focus on using specific nouns, 3rd person, and passive voice. You need to have a balance of direct quotes and paraphrases. Remember that you need to use direct quotes for data and statistics. You can use paraphrases for stories and extensive examples from sources.( Don’t forget work cited), for example, …………..pharaphras……….(Hank)

Required Sources: You need to use 7-­‐12 sources. The type of sources you select depend on the topic you choose. In order to complete the research paper assignment successfully, you need to complete the following sections:

1. Research Paper Proposal(5 points)

2. Research Paper-­‐PART 1: Introduction* Minimum word count for the Part 1: 200 words (5 points)

3.ESL 5 Research Paper-­‐PART 2: Body Paragraphs* Minimum word count for the Part 2: 1, 200words (includes citations). (10points)

4. Research Paper-­‐PART 3: Conclusion-­‐* Minimum word count for the Part 3: 200 words(5 points)

5. Research Paper-­‐FINAL DRAFT (Complete Research Paper)(15 points) *Minimum word count for the

Complete Research Paper is 1,600 words.

If you have a difficult time figuring out your own topic, you can consider some of the following topics

Contemporary Slavery

Human Trafficking in ….(certain countries)

•Child Marriage in … (certain countries)

•Press Censorship in … (certain countries)

•The Health Care System in ….(certain countries)

•Child Soldiering in … (certain countries)

•Drug Cartels in … (certain countries)

•Drug Abuse in … (certain countries)

•Intercultural Communication

•Equity Issues in … (certain countries)

•Parenting in Different Cultures

•Mindfulness and Meditation

•Strategies for Successful Entrepreneurship

•Tolerance and Acceptance

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