This assignment needs to be written in specifically related to business case(details can be found in BUSINESS CASE document) that choose for my project.

Intersession 5 Final Project Projection: Determine Who Will Develop, Test and Deploy the Cloud Services

This week you need to select the most efficient method to design, develop and deploy a new cloud application for your case study project. This can be a struggle, and in many cases there is no right answer. Base your direction on the needs and capabilities of your organization. Describe your method to develop and deploy the new cloud application in your report.

Note: The design of the cloud application service is omitted since that should originate from the enterprise and requires the efforts of IT, business and administrative teams. The new service must have functional capabilities which meet the requirements of the target users and has a positive Return on Investment (ROI). It is critical that the design process is followed for the development and deployment activities.

Your report should be at least 2 pages and follow proper APA format. Cite any outside sources used in an APA-style reference page.

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