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Drama essay

Choose one of the plays in the “Plays for Further Reading” section of Backpack Literature (pages 1001-1086) and identify a particular theme or idea important to the play. In a minimum of 1000 words, discuss what that theme or idea is, how it can be determined or identified based on elements of the play (drawing on specific examples from the text), and state what that theme or idea says about the play or discuss how the play represents that theme or idea. In making a case for the theme or idea you see in the play, you may draw on elements such as characterization, exposition, dialogue, symbols, conclusion/resolution, foreshadowing, climax, stage directions, or any other aspects that seem relevant to understanding that particular play. Again, you are not just summarizing the play. You’re drawing a conclusion about the meaning or impact of the play and then supporting that conclusion with analysis (by looking at dialogue, exposition, characterization, climax, etc.). In organizing your paper, you will want to try and work within the following type of structure: In your introduction, you need to establish the focus of your overall paper. Your introduction needs to include the title and author of the work that you are writing about (play titles go in italics) and contain a focused sense of what you plan on talking about (thesis statement—in this case your thesis should highlight the theme or idea you plan on locating and discussing). Your introduction for this particular paper might give an idea of the general setting or ideas behind the play that you are examining. The body of your essay will examine elements of the play and how they contribute to the theme or idea that you have identified. Your paragraphs will likely focus in on the particular areas you see contributing to that theme or idea, containing strong topic sentences that establish the paragraph is going to focus on characterization, dialogue, etc. You will also need to incorporate textual evidence and examples to support the points you are making about the play. All paraphrases and direct quotations need to comply with research paper formatting (see Hacker 428-40, 503-510) (also see “Notes for Week #5” in the Week #5 module for guidance on quoting lines from plays). Standard in text citations (440-450 or 510-515 in A Writer’s Reference) are fine for this assignment. Your conclusion should reflect on the play as a whole and the theme or idea you have chosen to discuss. What does the play seem to suggest regarding that theme or idea? How does that theme or idea shape our reading of the play? If the play is rather contemporary, what might that suggest about the way we currently view that theme or idea? If the play is dated, are the ideas it presents relevant to today? How?

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