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Complete and Submit Final Evaluation Design

Throughout this course, you have been building all the various elements of your Final Evaluation Design (Final Project). As you know by now, research is an interactive process in which you use feedback to build your Final Evaluation Design. Throughout this course, you have received feedback from your instructor and colleagues for each step of the development process for your Final Evaluation Design. Now, it is time to pull together all of the information you have gathered into your final document.You received feedback from your instructor and colleagues for the assignment you submitted in Week 3, the Draft Evaluation Design you submitted in Week 7, and the Discussions in which you participated throughout the course. You should use all of this information to construct your Final Evaluation Design (Final Project).Your Final Evaluation Design should include:Cover pageExecutive summary (abstract): This should be written after your Final Evaluation Design is complete and consists of a brief (usually one paragraph) summary of the design.Revised Week 3 AssignmentRevised Week 7 AssignmentDescription and justification of the analytical techniques (descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, measures of association, and regression analysis) that you think are most appropriate for your evaluationReferences page

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