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Ethical Decision Making ( Due 10/11)

Note: All character and company names are fictional and are not intended to depict any actual person or business.View Problem Scenario A to learn more about Bill and Joe’s relationship.Joe has scheduled a meeting with his management team for next week to  talk about the Peninsula Hotel chain contract. He hopes that he will be  able to work with them to draft a contract favorable to Peninsula that  will ensure its renewal for another year. He is reasonably sure that the  contract renewal will ensure his continued success and employment with  UWEAR.On his way out of the office today, Joe receives a call from Bill.Bill: “Joe, how are you doing? Got any great plans for the weekend?”Joe: “No, my wife and I are just planning on hanging out at home and relaxing. How about you?”Bill: “My family and I are planning a short trip on  the yacht. We haven’t been out in a while, and the weather looks  perfect. Maybe you and your wife could join us? We haven’t seen you guys  in quite a while, and it will be good to catch up.”Joe is relieved to get the invitation from Bill because their  relationship has been strained lately because of the contract  negotiations.Joe must decide how he will answer Bill’s invitation to join him and  his family on their yacht. Complete the following in a paper of 500–700  words, excluding cover and reference pages.Part I:Address the following:Apply the rational choice model to arrive at your recommendation for  Joe regarding his response to the invitation to spend the weekend on  Bill’s yacht.In what ways do you agree or disagree with the result of applying the rational choice model?Part II:What ethical theory supports the response to this invitation that you recommend to Joe?Why would you use this theory?What is an alternative recommendation, applying a different ethical theory?Compare and contrast your recommendation with the alternative.

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