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health and aging

Part 1What type of exercise programs are appropriate for adults over 70? Should they include resistance training, aerobic training, functional training, or something else? What changes that may be happening in the aging body did you consider when writing your response? What other factors should you consider in making this decision? Be sure to address every question in your initial response and cite professional peer-reviewed articles in your responses.Part 2Lidia Sanchez moved to the United States from Guatemala when she was 20 years old.  She and her husband have 2 children who are in high school.  As a child in Guatemala, Lidia’s grandmother raised her.  In the U.S., when Lidia needed to work outside of the home, her grandmother came to live with Lidia to help with the children.  Lidia loves and respects her grandmother tremendously and she has been a wonderful help with the children.  Recently, Lidia has noted some small changes around the house.  Dishes that used to be washed spotless and are sometimes now placed back in the cupboard dirty.  Her grandmother sometimes wears clothing that is stained.  At their large family dinners, her grandmother often sits quietly and sometimes even leaves dinner early.  Last weekend, when Lidia’s son had a bad cough, Lidia’s grandmother almost gave him an amount of cough syrup that was twice the required dose.  Lidia is worried about her grandmother and isn’t sure what to do about these behaviors.In your post please discuss:Which sensory      systems may be affected by age-related changes for Lidia’s grandmother?What      accommodations may be available for her?What      suggestions do you have for Lidia?Would your      suggestions change if Lidia’s grandmother were from a different cultural      group? If so, in what way?

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