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Critical Thinking 4

CTQ1. Read the Minicase from Chapter 6 or Chapter 7. Answer all the Discussion Questions in the end of this Minicase.CTQ2. Pick one question to answer from the following list. Use your own language. Copying from the textbook will result in 0 points.Why should general and functional managers be involved in information systems planning decisions despite their lack of technical expertise?What is the purpose of strategic information systems planning? Who needs to be involved in this process? Why?What purpose do the critical success factors methodology and the strategic impact grid play in the planning process? Can you provide examples of firms in each of the four quadrants of the strategic impact grid?What is the purpose of the information system’s vision? Can you provide an example? What is the purpose of the information systems guidelines? Can you provide an example of guidelines that are aligned with your proposed vision?Provide two examples of firms that you think have been able to create value using information systems. The first one should be a firm that has done so mainly by focusing on customer willingness to pay. The second one should be a firm that has done so mainly by focusing on supplier opportunity cost.Think about the last time you bought something that you felt was “a great deal.” Why did you think the product or service was such a great deal? Do you believe that the transaction was considered “great” by the firm from which you acquired the product or service? Why or why not? Explain using the framework of value creation and appropriation.What is the difference between value creation and value appropriation? Why is this difference important?Provide an example of a well-known firm that you think currently has added value. Explain your example using added-value analysis.Define the concept of strategic information systems and provide an example.Define the concept of tactical information systems and provide an example.Define the concept of IT-dependent strategic initiative and provide an example.

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