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DQ1 65

In today’s competitive business environment, companies are under constant pressure to evolve. Many companies fear change because it’s complicated, risky or potentially expensive, and this can be one of the biggest barriers to growth. An organizational development consultant can help businesses through this congestion. The consultant helps companies discover more effective and efficient ways of doing things and guide them through periods of transitionEssentially, the role of organizational development (OD) Consultant is to make a business more healthy, more profitable and better equipped to face current and future challenges. The solutions for achieving these outcomes can take many forms, including changes to policies, hierarchies, reporting structures, leadership, controls, job descriptions and staffing levels. The overriding focus is to make the business more efficient in competitive markets so it can keep up with ever-changing customer, technological and regulatory demands.The role of an OD consultant is a varied one. Day to day, the organizational consultant could be wearing many hats ranging from big-picture conceptualizing to detailed operational planning and staff training.Your HRD team is not familiar or comfortable with the role of consultant. Discuss with them the roles, functions, and responsibilities of consultants to their clients. Are there differences between internal and external consultants?400 wrds 2 References

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