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Human Resource Management – Organizational Culture & Organizational Leadership Effectiveness

Topic: Organizational culture and organizational leadership effectivenessPlease read the attached ten (10) articles.Provide 150-200 words count annotated bibliography for each article – separate paragraphs.Please answer the following questions in each annotated bibliography:-       Purpose of the article. Briefly explain-       Participants and/or subjects of the study. Briefly explain-       Conclusions drawn by the author(s). Briefly explain-       Validity of the conclusions. Briefly explain-       Was there credibility of the source? Briefly explain-       Where there any bias presented by the author(s)? Briefly explain-       How well did the author(s) support the assertion(s)? Briefly explain-       Did the author(s) provide an adequate literature review? Briefly explain-       Where there any limitations? Briefly explain*** PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE, PRIOR TO DUE DATE**Please provide original work as I will use the plagiarism program to check.DUE:  Monday, June 6, 2016 at 4pm (Eastern Standard Time)

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