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Human Resources Quiz

The use of the Internet for recruiting is _____.a.cheaper and easier, but less   effective than other methodsb.the most commonly used search   tactic by job seekers and recruitersc.popular with job seekers, but   not recruitersd.popular with recruiters, but   not job seekersWhich of the following recruitment sources could result in charges of inbreeding and possible violation of the EEO regulations?a.Newspaper adsb.Employee referralsc.Educational institutionsd.Employee leasingWhich of the following measurements would be most appropriate for evaluating the performance or effectiveness of the recruitment source?a.Recruitment productivityb.Yield ratioc.Acceptance rated.Quality-of-fillThe benefits of providing job applicants with a balanced, honest, and realistic portrayal of a job position include all of the following except _____.a.enhanced expectations and   aspirationsb.improved job satisfactionc.reduced voluntary turnoverd.accurate job expectations_____ is a program whereby younger employees provide guidance and instruction to older employees on topics such as new technology and marketplace trends.a.Re-educationb.Generational coachingc.Career progressiond.Reverse mentoringThe means by which organizations can assess and weigh the knowledge and skills that each of its jobs requires is called _____.a.competency analysisb.human capital mappingc.skill inventoriesd.job development assessment_____ is conducted in order to identify policies and practices that may inhibit the advancement of women and minorities.a.Discrimination analysisb.Adverse impact analysisc.Restricted policy auditsd.Glass ceiling auditsThe practice of hiring relatives of current employees is _____.a.Uncommon in most parts of the   worldb.Legal, but forbidden by most   companiesc.An effective way for   companies to pass down knowledge and skillsd.Generally illegal in the United   States

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