Nursing and aging family, Health care informatics, Health promotion and Health promotion (Due 20 hours)

APA format1) Minimum 6 pages  (No word count per page)- Follow the 3 x 3 rule: minimum three paragraphs per pageYou must strictly comply with the number of paragraphs requested per page.Part 1: minimum  1 pagePart 2: minimum  1 pagePart 3: minimum  1 pagePart 4: minimum  1 pagePart 5: minimum  1 pagePart 6: minimum  1 pageSubmit 1 document per part2)¨******APA normsAll paragraphs must be narrative and cited in the text- each paragraphBulleted responses are not acceptedDon’t write in the first personDon’t copy and paste the questions.Answer the question objectively, do not make introductions to your answers, answer it when you start the paragraphSubmit 1 document per part3)****************************** It will be verified by Turnitin (Identify the percentage of exact match of writing with any other resource on the internet and academic sources, including universities and data banks)********************************It will be verified by SafeAssign (Identify the percentage of similarity of writing with any other resource on the internet and academic sources, including universities and data banks)4) Minimum 3 references (APA format) per part not older than 5 years  (Journals, books) (No websites)All references must be consistent with the topic-purpose-focus of the parts. Different references are not allowed.5) Identify your answer with the numbers, according to the question. Start your answer on the same line, not the nextExample:Q 1. Nursing is XXXXXQ 2. Health is XXXX6) You must name the files according to the part you are answering:Example:Part 1.docPart 2.doc__________________________________________________________________________________Part 1: Nursing and aging familyTopic: Normal changes of aging-related to the heartInvestigate normal changes of aging-related to the heart.1. Describe 2 changes of aging-related to the heart.2. Provide  2 prevention strategies for the changes describes3. Provide 2 intervention strategies for the changes descibesPart 2: Nursing and aging familyTopic: Normal changes of aging-related to the heart1.Discussing factors that promote cardiovascular health2. Discussing life styles that could reduce the incidence of changes selected in Part 1 Question 13. Describe nursing role addressing the changes selected in Part 1 Question 1Part 3: Health care informatics1. Discuss how healthcare informatics has been applied to your APRN education.2. Give concrete examplesPart 4: Health promotion1. Describe 2 challenges during the implementation phase of a health promotion strategy in multicultural communities.2. Describe one strategies for approach each challenges of question 13. How addressinga.Cultural characteristicsb.Historyc. specific needs.Part 5: EpidemiologyTopic: Making the Case for Population Health Management: The Business Value of a Healthy Workforce.1. Discuss how can public and private organizations can work together better to achieve goals of mutual interest in healthcare?Part 6: EpidemiologyTopic: Marketing and Communication.1. What is social marketing2. What is the social marketing implication for healthcare practice and practices/institutions competition?

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