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DISCUSSION BOARD ASSIGNMENT 150 WORDS…..Your readings this week introduced you to the four managerial functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The readings also explained the significance of these four functions to managerial success and the role that personal values play in managing………………………………….150–word statement that answers both of the following questions:How does each of the four functions of managers contribute to organizational success?How might a manager’s value system impact her/his approach to the various functions?Support your work with specific citations from the Learning Resources. You are allowed to draw from additional sources to support your argument, but you must cite all sources using APA standards. All quoted material must be identified, cited, and referenced per APA standards.You are encouraged to enrich your posting with your personal examples, experience, or insights.Before you submit your initial post, edit your postings carefully for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.ASSIGNMENT 1……………….This week, you have explored the concept of management as both a set of functional tasks and as an extension of the values, ethics, and attitudes of an individual. Now consider the case of Costco Wholesale in Chapter 10 of your course text.Consider the accomplishments of Jim Sinegal and Craig Jelinek at Costco Wholesale. In your opinion, what character and value traits led them to create and manage this successful company? What guiding principles have these CEOs used to successfully manage and expand this organization? What makes this organization different and successful?………………………………………….300-word paper which answers all of the following questions:How would you describe Craig Jelinek’s personality?What terminal and instrumental values are likely to be especially important to him as a manager?How would you describe Costco’s organizational culture?What role do you think Jim Sinegal and Craig Jelinek played in creating and maintaining Costco’s organizational culture?Which of your specific values will be evident in the way that you will manage? Why?ASSIGNMENT 2………………………Final Paper: Week 1For this course, you will submit a Final Paper in Week 5. You will start working on your Final Paper during this week and proceed through weekly steps to have the Final Paper ready in Week 5.For the Final Paper, you must choose one subject from a list of possible management subjects and then research that subject. You will then write your own paper on the subject you chose. You must use at least 3 acceptable references to support your arguments and conclusions and utilize the required format. Your paper will explain as well as critique the subject that you have selected. More details regarding your Final Paper are provided in the Final Paper area of the course navigation menu.Submit by Day 5 the following to your Instructor for approval:Select your subject from the list of subjects provided in the Final Paper area of the course navigation menu and locate at least 3 appropriate references for your project.CHOOSE ONE FROM THE LIST………………………..List of Subjects for the Final PaperFor the Final Paper, please choose from among 10 leadership concepts listed below.MotivationJob SatisfactionWork PersonalitiesTeamworkLeadershipLeaders and FollowersPlanningOperations ManagementThe sequential and the concurrent product development processesQuality ManagementBusiness EthicsRequirements in Content, Length, and FormatThe focus of the Final Paper must be only one of the ten leadership concepts listed above.The paper will consist of a minimum of three parts:An introduction to conceptA detailed explanation of the leadership concept with at least one real or theoretical example of its applicationA critique of the concept.In your opinion, is the concept valid? Is it practical? Why? Specifically, give a reason for your opinion, and support in with facts, observations, or logic.RESOURCESJones, G. R., & George, J. M. (2017). Essentials of contemporary management (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.Chapter 1, “The Management Process Today” (pp. 2–41)In this chapter, you will explore what it means to be a manager, including the various roles and functions that a manager fulfills. You will also be introduced to levels of management and the idea of building competitive advantage.Focus on the definitions provided throughout the chapter. Review and think about the examples and anecdotes provided that illustrate the major ideas being conveyed. Consider the challenges for management in a global environment. Ask yourself what management really is in the 21st century.Chapter 2, “Values, Attitudes, Emotions, and Culture: The Manager as a Person” (pp. 42-72)In this chapter, you will look at the Big Five—personality traits, values, attitudes, moods, and emotion—that impact the organization. You will also explore the importance of understanding and managing one’s own behavior and what drives the behavior of your peers and employees.Focus on the definitions provided throughout the chapter. Review and think about the examples and anecdotes provided that illustrate the major ideas being conveyed. Consider the manager as a person, and not just as a function. Think about the idea of an organization having its own culture, and how that culture is created and sustained.Chapter 10, “Leaders and Leadership” Section “Consideration at Costco” (pp. 345-346)

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