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Problem Identified

Read Attached Case. Problem Identified.Submission Instructions:Explain this solution:Raise the current nurses’ salaries up to Market Level.· In this case, the current nurses starting was $25,000 a year. The new hires starting salaries are $38,000 a year.* Explain why the company should raise the current/entitled nurses’ salary in order to retain them.Use 2 references explaining why raising employees’ salaries to market level is important· Note there are a total of 1500 current nurses· Explain how the company should implement the raised salary incentive for staying with the company. -Based on this case should the raise be immediate or overtime?· Explain how the company should announce to current employees using information justice why they are receiving pay raises.No more than 2 pages to complete assignment. Remember to use 2 references.Complete and submit assignment by 7:00pm Tuesday

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