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comprehensive benefits plan for MediaRite.com’s employees

InstructionsThe compensation plan you designed at Half.com is receiving rave reviews. However, there seems to be discontent with the benefits that are being offered. In this assignment, you will design a comprehensive benefits plan for MediaRite.com’s employees.You will first need to research the benefits platforms of Google, Walmart, Tesco, and a company of your choosing. Describe the benefits programs at each.  Then design your own plan for Half.com. Be sure to include the concepts and considerations, but not limited to cost containment.Find peer-reviewed articles or use business journals/articles.You must include a minimum requirement of 5 full pages of content (this does not include the title, abstract or reference pages) and 7-10 scholarly resources in APA format (refer to the APA manual for specific details) on the information researched from the article and your views as well.

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