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Key Assessment (CO#1)

InstructionsResearch: Gathering DataMany large healthcare organizations also function as research facilities, with physicians and other healthcare researchers using the patient population to gather data on many areas.  Often, administrators help these researchers with their studies by collecting data from medical records and other information sources.Evaluation Title: Gathering DataAssume the role of a clinical research administrator.  Part of your job includes assisting researchers by gathering data.Utilize the CDC’s Wonder Data to search for cancer of digestive organs (ICD-10 code C15-C26 Malignant Neoplasms of Digestive Organs).Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2016).CDC Wonder (Links to an external site.)[Website].Select additional parameters from each of the five sections to narrow your results.Take a screenshot of your results (for inclusion in the assignment submission).Explain the results, including what parameters were utilized to conduct the search.Provide rationale for the parameters used for the search (age, gender, race, geographic location, urbanization, years, etc.)Utilize at least two outside resources to support your assignment submission.

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