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Workers’ Compensation

Topic: Workers’ CompensationTopic: Workers’ CompensationThis is required to provide students with the opportunity to:• Investigate a “subtopic” of special interest associated with any of the major topics addressed during the course.• Acquire in-depth knowledge about a “subtopic” of choice – expanding one’s knowledge base beyond the basic course curriculum.• Reflect on facts, theories, and opinions associated with the subtopic of choice. Develop or change an opinion about the subject.• Communicate knowledge about the chosen topics, offering learning community members an opportunity to increase their knowledge on a subtopic topic associated with the base course curriculum.• Communicate one’s opinion on the subtopic, using critical thinking skills to form the opinion and writing skills to communicate one’s thoughts.Use the following format: Overview, Opinion Statements, Resource Citations.  Use the headings to divide your work into the 3 required areas in your paper.Overview Provide an overview of your topic using at least two resources.  Highlight the most important concepts. The overview should be no more than 500 words. That’s about 7 – 8 average length paragraphs.  Do not place your opinions in the overview. This is an academically oriented portion of the assignment. Your opinions are welcome in the next portion of the paper. Your overview MUST include citation of sourceswithin the text of the document. You are not the originator of the information being presented. The authors must be identified. Failing to provide citations within the content of your overview is considered plagiarism.Opinion Statements Given the material you’ve organized and presented in the overview, offer your thoughts on specific aspects of the topic or the topic in general. Use higher order critical or creative thought! Your opinion statement should be approximately 150 words in length.Title your work.Title your writing assignment by choosing a creative and informative name. Compel your learning community to read your writing assignment! Then add your full name. The title of your paper and your name should be the FIRST material available on the page.Some Examples of Captivating Writing Assignment Titles:“Short-Hand Definition of Employment-at-Will: “Workers are Screwed:” Full Name “Hi, I am Your Employer and I Can Break Any Promise I Make to You in the Employee Handbook”: Full Name

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