A film related to labor union

Watch the film “Final Offer” ( you can access it on youtube) and answer the questions provided.1)    What did you learn about unionized employees and workplaces from the scene where anindividual worker recites the contractual provision he believes foreman Morris tried to violateconcerning work assignments?2)    If the film had occurred in the U.S., what actions could the employer have taken if the cameras itinstalled revealed a striking worker participated in picket-line misconduct such as vandalism?3)    Explain the impact you think a foreman like Fred Morris would have on the workers’ ability toview themselves to be in partnership with their employer (as Chief Executive Officer RogerSmith expressed he wanted) rather than to be in an adversarial relationship?4)    Utilizing a specific incident from the movie, describe the impact of the union’s internal politicson the union negotiating team, its strategy, or the terms of settlement it pursued.5)    Explain how use of the distributive bargaining process may have helped or harmed GM’s goal ofconvincing the workers they were in a partnership with their employer.

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