Healthcare Compliance Powerpoint

AssignmentRead chapter 11 and 12 of your text.******material uploaded as an attachment****Create a 5-7 page educational PPT. Each PPT slide should be engaging and contain a minimum of 150 words in the “notes” section of slide.  If you are not familiar with PPT creation or notes, see the attached tutorial.  Your PPT should contain a minimum of 3 scholarly references in APA format.The cover page and reference page do not count towards the number of slides that are required.The slides should address the following subjects as it relates to the HR role of the health administrator,1. Utilizing OIG and professional state licensure to investigate new hires2.  License renewals for health professionals3.  CME and CEU requirements for health professionals per the institution who provides their licensure4.  Reporting infractions to the governing body5.  Mandatory Annual TrainingSubmit the completed assignment to the designated DropBox.

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