Project and Program Information & Communication Systems

Task 2 (Due week 4, 1000 words) – Project Communication and Information Systems communication analysis.  Instructions:1. Read the articleHewage KN & Ruwanpura JY 2009, A novel solution for construction on-site communication – the information booth, Can. J. Civ. Eng, v. 36, pp. 659-671. The article can be downloaded from the Canvas Home Page.2. Assume that you are an IT project manager responsible for the development of the “Information Booth” described in the article. You decided that system will be Cloud based.Task 2 section you need to:• Describe the proposed system• Create the Stakeholder Communication Analysis plan• Create the Media Choice planTask 3 ( 1000 words) – Survey of exiting Project/Program Information and Communication Systems.Instructions:1. Open the website “Buyers’ Guide for Beginners Selecting PM Software” Read criteria for selecting Project Management software. Watch a video on this web page.2. Click on the “Solutions” tab and select the “Construction Teams” item from the menu. Learn the features implemented in the “Project Manager” software related to the Project Management in COnstruction. Watch the video on this web page.3. Open the GetApp website and select three Project Management software that you think would best suit for the “Information Booth” software project in this assignment (see Task 2).4. Create a matrix showing each tool’s evaluation against the criteria provided in the “Buyers’ Guide for Beginners Selecting PM Software” website. 5. Insert the results of your research in the “Survey of exiting Project/Program Information and Communication Systems.(harvard  style 1000 words) excluding reference in word count

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