Lesson 15 Discussion-1Please consider the following in your response:· What are some specific needs/challenges for family caregivers?· As a Social Worker, what are important diversity considerations (ethnic, race, gender, sexual orientation) in working with families/caregivers?· Please share any other thoughts you have after reviewing the readings.A minimum of 250 words.Lesson 15 Discussion – 2The links below provide some examples of caregiver support and in-home supportive services in California.California Caregiver Resource Centers- https://www.caregivercalifornia.orgIn-Home Supportive Services- https://dpss.lacounty.gov/en/senior-and-disabled/ihss.htmlPlease research what resources are available in your state, county or city relating to caregiver support and in-home supportive services. Please share what resources you found as part of your discussion post. In your state, are there sufficient resources available for caregivers and in-home support for older adults? If not, what additional resources are needed?A minimum of 250 words.READING RESOURCESAging Well Text Chapter 8- https://library.oapen.org/handle/20.500.12657/23190How Cultural Attitudes Toward Aging Affect Senior Care- https://www.aplaceformom.com/caregiver-resources/articles/how-different-cultures-care-for-seniorsSenior Self Neglect and what we can do- https://www.dshs.wa.gov/altsa/home-and-community-services/self-neglectVeterans’ Caregivers Supported by Social Workers- https://blogs.va.gov/VAntage/86676/veterans-caregivers-supported-social-workers/Family Caregivers of Older Adults-https://www.socialworkers.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=aUwQL98exRM%3D&portalid=0Lesson 16 DiscussionPlease consider the following in your response:· What are some of the possible community care options available for older adults?· What are some of the benefits and challenges for older adults and their families when considering out-of-home placement?· In what ways does culture impact an older adult or family’s decisions regarding in-home care vs out of home placement?· Please share any other thoughts you have after reviewing the readings.A minimum of 250.READING RESOURCESAging Well Text Chapter 4-https://library.oapen.org/handle/20.500.12657/23190NASW Standards for Social Work Services in Long Term Care Facilities- https://www.socialworkers.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=cwW7lzBfYxg%3D&portalid=0A Day in the Life of a Nursing Home Social Worker- https://anha.org/a-day-in-the-life-of-a-nursing-home-social-worker/Despite Their Importance, Many Nursing Homes Lack Social Workers-https://www.forbes.com/sites/nextavenue/2019/07/26/despite-their-importance-many-nursing-homes-lack-social-workers/?sh=6807c75c2e5eElder Care Options for Senior Living Arrangements- https://www.caring.com/caregivers/elder-care-options-for-senior-living-arrangements/Meaningful Relationships in Long Term Care — Helping Residents Make Their House a Home- https://www.socialworktoday.com/archive/JF19p18.shtmlHow Cultural Attitudes Toward Aging Affect Senior Care-  https://www.aplaceformom.com/caregiver-resources/articles/how-different-cultures-care-for-seniorsSample State Resources for Older AdultsCalifornia Department of Aging- https://aging.ca.gov/Programs_and_Services/Texas Programs for Seniors and Aging- https://www.hhs.texas.gov/services/health/medicaid-chip/medicaid-chip-programs-services/programs-seniors-agingOhio Department of Aging- https://aging.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/aging

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